How to cancel only fans subscription

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In recent age with the simple access of computer-based technology, social media have set the benchmark to an entirely new level by providing a platform for the user to share ideas, thoughts, and knowledge through the usage of virtual networks and communities. It provides the users, fast transmission of the content of the skin world. Onlyfans is also one amongst the social media services, primarily a membership platform based mostly in London who provides exclusive content to their subscribers or “fans” in exchange of cash for the video or content uploaded by the host.

Cancellation of subscription

Onlyfans is one of the social media which allows the content creator to upload videos, photographs to this platform. Unlike Facebook, Instagram it does not have any specific restrictions or restrictive content policy so anyone can upload anything explicit and earn more money. Since the launch of this site, it has been used by many professional sex workers vividly to produce more profits by offering entertainment content for adults. This platform permits the creators to receive direct funding from the fans as per monthly revenant basis. Moreover, pay per view(PPV) feature of content is also available. In PPV creators are allowed to upload personalised content. The users cannot view the content unless the payment has been made. Even the creator cannot receive the payment until the content has been shared to the users.

Onlyfans allows the user to subscribe for one month, three months and an annual subscription. Anyone can cancel their recurring subscription before the next bill is generated. There are no cancellation fees is involved but there is a catch. If the user has already been charged for the next billing cycle then there will be no refund. So if any addons have remained they will instantly expire when the user will cancel their subscription. This all can be done prior to the next billing date unless the users have purchased a pre-paid gift.

If the billing is already done:

Monthly Subscribers- If the confirmation of cancellation is done after the billing it will be the next month when the bill of the user will end.

Three months, six months and twelve-month Subscribers– Just in case a user decides to cancel the subscription in the middle then they will be receiving solely the paid boxes as most of the subscription on this web site are revenant.


Onlyfan is one of the fewest debateable apps. Since, here anyone can signup to the only fan, so a wide variety of contents are welcomed ranging from proper videos to raunchy filthy smut. For some, it is ethical and at the same time unethical also. Ethical, as it is used by many bloggers, dietician and many others who want to earn an extra penny upload their work, content or video to this website. At the same time, some of the users make it unethical by making it useful by uploading adult photographs mainly by the professional sex workers to generate a bit of extra money. 

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