Township Guide

Township guide

Township is a great mobile gaming application in this game you have to built and manage your own city.If you play little bit and know something about this game then it is going to be quite easy for you.After reading this township guide you will be able to know that how you get most in this game.

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1-Pay your full attention on the farms

When you start to grow up as a city you need to focus on your farm beacause the city is generally based on the products and seeds of the farm.You should also keep in mind that there is a good and beneficial diffrence between the buying and selling price.

2-Keep your eye on list of orders

One of the best and profitable seed is wheat ,they will ask your for the wheat for several times because wheat gives good benefit. You need to select large land area for buying the wheat and as you plant just put your eye constant on the list of orders.

3-Get money easily

To get money easily just complete the missions and orders.For seeing the orders and missions you need to click on the button s of the helicoptor.

If you don’t like any missino then you can left that missin by clicking on the garbage can.

4-Build your city with good construction material

The materials for the city construction appear randomly so you need to choose the best that get best fits for you construction because these materials are most valuable for you.

The Construction materials are brought to you by the trains,so getting the right constructing material is little but complicated for you because of the randomness process, but I hope this will not demotivate you.

5-Just Focus on Construction and agriculture

This township guide will make you understand that this game is a mixup of city and the construction.For developing the city of your dreams you need to harvest the crop, process that crop and sell that to get profit.


Always trade with the fascinating countries.

Open restaurants,cinemas and other public places for making your life full of flavours.

7-Get the resourses

Explore the mines to get the best resources without spending a single penny

Run the zoo and for that you need to bring the animals for all around of the world.

This is the best township guide if you will follow this then definetely you will be able to build your city of dreams.

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