How to Download Dragon City for Mac

The game Dragon city has caught every player’s attention.  Not only does it have an interesting theme and also has a very good catchy subject.  

It’s just like any other game in the sense that it has various levels to attain, there is the in-app money to be earned, and also the facility to ask friends on the social network to help them out.  

However, the Dragon City games stand out from the rest of the games in one aspect.  It has some really very good graphics and very attractive visuals.

What is the Dragon city all about?   Here the player has to catch, train, and raise dragons.  He has to spend a lot of time and money on training the dragons and then finally put them up for a fight with other dragons in the game.  

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It has another good catchy subject.   It allows the player to breed his own type of dragons for example, right from hatching them from eggs, feeding them and then training them to fight the various opponents. 

Why is Dragon city fast catching everyone’s attention?  Because there are so many different dragons available and then you can run your imagination wild in this game. 

The player has the option to breed and combine different dragons and form a new breed or species of dragon.  If this is not interesting enough, then what more can a player ask for? 

The game offers much more than this.   It also has another feature wherein the player can build his own personalized dragon city complete with special farms, buildings and much much more.  

There are about 160 goals that a player can complete and thus keep on discovering newer and newer things as the city grows. The game is supported by very good animation and graphics literally bringing the dragons to life.  

So it is a very good game to play on a Mac. Once the player has achieved a certain number of wins and trained dragons he can get the position of a Dragon master.  As per a survey, there are about 80 million dragon masters today all over the world.  That in itself shows the game’s popularity. 

Another interesting feature of this game is that it makes the player social.  That is this game is just not about the player alone.  The Dragon city Mac has the special feature of joining or teaming up with other dragon masters and winning the battles.  

Not just that on social networking platforms such as Facebook etc., the player can request help or assistance in the forms of in-game money, gems, etc.    He can chat with for tips and also trade with them and share some of the gift cards etc.  

If the game is saved in the social networking platform, then the player can play anytime and log in from any other devices as well.

The download options for Dragon city Mac are very simple.  It’s a freeware and all versions of Dragon city are available for a free download. 

Its operating system works on all types of OS such as Windows, Apple, and Android, etc.    It has achieved some really very good reviews and therefore worth having a look. 

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