Sony PlayStation has the option of free games and nobody likes to waste a free option. There is time to time news releases by Sony about the games. Usually, the games are released on a monthly basis.

From the Sony play station store, the free games can be downloaded as per your device types i.e. whether it is Play Station VR, PS4, PS Vita or PS3.

However, there is a minimum subscription amount that has to be paid for a PlayStation Plus Subscription. Also, check how to get free psn codes

Once you subscribe to that every month you can download free games and keep playing them. However, these games can be played only as long as you keep the subscription ongoing.

For example, for July the new game released was “Horizon Chase Turbo”. This game is getting its inspiration from the classic racing game during the ’90s. This game has the option to either play solo or with up to four players.

In this game, there are many options such a taking a World Tour, intense tournaments and Endurance challenges.

There are again options on the weather conditions too such as harsh sandstorms and snowy tracks. Another game released by Sony for PS4 was “The Witness”.

It is a game wherein the player has to explore a mysterious island and solve the many challenges. It has been reviewed as a very brilliant game by many.

Sometimes, Sony changes the games list or swaps the games. For Example, the ProEvolution Soccer 2019 was offered during the month of July. However, Sony suddenly announced that instead of this game, another game titled, “Detroit: Become Human” was given.

No reasons were given by Sony as to why this change was done. But many players are happy as this Game Detroit: Become Human is an interesting futuristic game set in a future time wherein androids are a part of society and they are being considered as servants to the human population.

All these games can be downloaded by a player who takes membership in PS Plus. There are various options for payment such as one year or three monthly payment.

The discounts are more under the annual payment option. The subscription to PlayStation Plus is only available to members of Sony Entertainment Network and those who have access to Play station Store. Of course, having high-speed internet is another requirement.

The PS plus Subscription is a continuous ongoing option. So the subscription fee needs to be paid as per terms and conditions.

The fee usually gets deducted from the user’s wallet. The price is usually as per the details mentioned in the PS Store. A point worth mentioning is that, if the PlayStation plus Membership ends, then some games which were downloaded FREE while under the membership will not be available.

But a good thing is that the content and free avatars which were purchased at a discounted PlayStation plus Price can be kept. And in the case in future, if the PlayStation plus Membership is renewed, then all the content earlier downloaded can be again accessed.

Until such times, enjoy the PSN plus free games.

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