Google Play Codes

Google Play Codes

Google Play store is an amazing place for downloading lots of free entertainment services. If you are an Android user you must be using various services from the Google Play store to download your favorite games, movies, songs, books, applications, and many other stiffs. But sometimes you must have been disappointed to see the premium applications which are not free of cost and require a small amount to be paid. One can also buy those services with the help of redeeming currency in the Google play store application.

You can purchase content and services on Google Play and become a member. When you redeem this code, the gift amount will be added to your Google Play balance. You can also find the Google Play Promotion Code, which can be added to your Google Play balance or give you special apps and digital content. If you give a Google Play gift card, the recipient can use it to purchase content on Google Play.

Steps to use your gift card, gift code or promotion code

  • The user must have an Android phone with Google play enabled.
  • Open Google Play Store application
  • Tap the Menu option and then click on Redeem.
  • Enter your code and tap on Redeem option

One must keep a note that to use a gift card or promotion code, the country entered in your Google account must match the country where the gift card or promotion code is offered. If you see a message that Google Play Gift Card is not valid in your country, see the “Change the country of your Google Play account” section below. Unlike different other reward vouchers or gifts, Google Play codes have no expiry dates so the user can gather them up until any purchase of application or service is needed. Now, one can either purchase the Google Play gift cards virtually or can get it from free. For purchasing gift codes one need to have a credit card. There are several ways of getting free Google gift codes as well.

Ways to get free Google Pay Codes –

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the amazing and widely used methods to get free Google Play codes. By registering up in this platform, the user needs to fill out and participate in different online surveys conducted by the Google survey team. On successful completion of these surveys, the user gets awarded with codes which can be redeemed. One can easily download the application of Google Opinion Rewards from Google Play for Android platforms. This application can be downloaded in IOS devices too. The user usually gets up to 4 to 5 surveys in a week.

2. Purchase a Chrome cast Device

Google awards its users a free Google Play gift card when the users buy a Chrome cast device. Even if you have a Chrome cast device right now you can check whether you are eligible for reward or not. The cash prize money ranges from $5 to $25.

3. Whaff Rewards

This is one of the most popular rewarding applications which award the users with Google play codes prizes. The users simply have to do small tasks such as participating in surveys, downloading games, applications and other easy tasks like watching an advertisement.


Google play codes are quite amazing which allows the users to enjoy a variety of services on the Google play store easily. There are many ways to win free Google play codes but also remember that many websites run scams too. All you need is an Android device to enjoy the services from Google play store.

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