Spider-Man 2.5 : détail des scènes inédites

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La chaîne FX a diffusé comme prévu la version longue de Spider-Man 2 qui sortira en avril prochain en DVD. Revu de détails des nouvelles scènes qui, comme prévu, concernent principalement les personnages, avec quelques ajouts ici et là mais rien de bien essentiel semble-t-il.

- The swing after Spider-Man grabs the pizzas from the guy on the balcony was about a second longer… Spidey started from a higher-up position.

- the saturation/filter of the film was slightly different… in some scenes, the red was brighter… and it seemed as if the color blue was standing out more

- there was different dialogue between Mary Jane and peter in the ‘backyard’ scene: mj talks about how the photographer liked her face, and how she got the role in the play… peter says that mj’s dream came true… mj asks about how he is doing… he says he is fine….. it then cuts back to old footage… then, mj says « you want to say something… I know what it’s like to want to say something but it just won’t come out » yada yada… a little later, there is a new full body shot of them just standing there; it looked very random and I’m glad it got cut…… mj says she is seeing someone and peter says « oh, therapy »….When mj walks away at the end of the scene, there is an extra shot of peter standing alone at the fence………

this whole backyard sequence wasn’t very impressive… you could tell what was new and what wasn’t, because the final cut material looked different (it had a glossy-ness to it, so the other shots looked out of place)…. I agree that this version was less awkward between the two of them, but it was so corny and poorly acted on mj’s part… it didn’t feel like the ‘movie’ her.

- right after this is a new shot of Peter driving home in his « scooter-thing » … it shows him lock it up and then walk into the front door of his complex.

- there was a longer pause between harry’s line: « see you in sweden » and otto’s line « interesting fellow, your friend » (peter and otto wait for harry to leave)

- mr. ditkovich yelled more random foreign stuff when peter ran off… (this was when he had no pants on)

- the two criminals, during the play sequence, shouted a few more one-liners… there was also an extra shot of a police car being smashed (just a new angle, actually)…. As the criminals shot at spider-man, the whole « dodging bullets against a wall » shot went from about 1.5 seconds to 3 seconds.

- right after mj leaves the theater (after checking to see if peter is sitting across the street), there is a longer shot of the police cars approaching.

- peter has a « bigger » reaction to the height (in the scene where his powers start failing)

- peter has an extra line about his feelings for mj in the pay-phone sequence.

- when the pins go into otto’s back during the demonstration, there is only a single shot of them going in, instead of a double… he also has a slight struggle when using them at first… (it takes about two seconds longer for them to start working)

- there was a shot of the demonstration’s machine where it had a bright blue base… not sure if this is new or not, but I never noticed it before…. perhaps an effect of the different saturation?

- harry looks over for peter when the demonstration starts to go wrong… only to find that he is not there… the line « everybody clear the room! » is followed by that…. which is in a slightly different spot.

- right before the glass windows burst and kill otto’s wife, there is an extra shot of what appears to be the machine pulling the windows with some kind of force… there is another extra shot of otto reacting to this « force »

- when spider-man pulls the plugs on the demonstration machine, we see it in a lot more angles… about three.

- there was a « controversary » a while back about the hospital cross being red when it should really have been green, so it was changed….. well, this version had a red one though…. uh-oh!

- in the hospital scene, there was an extra two seconds of the tentacles holding people and the people struggling to get loose……… at the end of the scene, there was about an extra five seconds of hesitation before the final guy was smashed in the face… I kinda liked it more this way… it human-ized the arms a bit better.

- harry said an extra sentence before he slapped peter in the face… it wasn’t anything amazing though, and I already forget it.

- when the car goes into the cafe, there is an extra shot of the car knocking the table (and everything on it) to the ground.

All of the new stuff was pretty much in the beginning… the second half of the movie was the same.

PS : il a été impossible de localiser précisement la personne qui est l’auteur de ces notes, et qui ont fait rapidement le tour de plusieurs forums.

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fév 28, 2008
7 h 48 min
#1 Anonymous :

Dans un numéro de Mad Movies, il y avait une interview d’un studio de SFX ayant travaillé sur le Lézard pour Spiderman 2.
Quelqu’un sait où ces images sont passées ??

août 31, 2016
17 h 28 min

Bonjour !
tiens cest pas mal ! ^^

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